I think it was Solomon in Ecclesiastes that said there is “nothing new under the sun.”

Cells are like tiny cities. Each cell in your body is like a booming metropolis:

The ATPase is a micromachine in cells used to generate usable ATP energy created by proton pumps. The proton pumps create a gradient of ions, kind of like using energy to move water to a mountain-top lake, with the idea that some of the energy can be regained later by draining the stored water and allowing it to turn a turbine (ATPase rotor) as the drained lakewater is pulled by gravity. The movement of the electromagnet in the turbine generates electricity. This is kind of how an ATPase in your cell works.

Take a look at an ATPase rotor in your web browser, and then come back to this blog.

…So when Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun….even machines existed at that time millenia ago. He was telling the truth. Turbines existed in cells when he spoke this wisdom.

Machines at the base of flagella produce propeller-like action to result in motion of a flagellated organism.

The cellular units that assemble proteins in a cell look like a sewing machine!

What kind of machines will we see in heaven? Is that trivial? For a science nerd who is a believer, it just sounds interesting!

Wow! Amazing!