It is difficult to wrap one’s brain around the idea of eternal life. Christ himself was the Firstborn among the Dead. When he defeated death, he illustrated his dominion over decay, death and sin.

Christ defeated death and is ruler over time, the dimension. The Bible does not teach reincarnation. Instead it teaches Christ’s supremacy over death and sin. His sacrifice once-and-for-all was completely adequate to atone for our misdoings. There is no need to come back in a different form to make up for the past. Jesus did that already and to teach otherwise subtracts from the deity of Jesus Christ.

Switching gears….I think that all that you see here on planet earth is an anti-type of the real thing (the type) that you will see again later, in the everafter. Only then will we see the full beauty as God originally intended.

I think we will “understand” and it will be all OK. We will see how the things with which we struggled here were within and under his dominion at all times.

We will become fully aware of the majesty and beauty of our Creator. It will be awesome!

….Reunited with loved ones! I just love it when the Bible says that a person died and went to be (were gathered to) with “their Fathers.” We will understand completely that being interconnected in life by familial DNA, may have predisposed us to be subject to some of the same weaknesses and strengths of our relatives. Even those we never knew!

In the meantime, let us continue to encourage one another, to love each other and to pray especially for those difficult people in our lives. In so doing we will find our own Brotherhood and Sisterhood as God intended. Maybe we will become less of a difficult person to others in so doing.

Let us continue to tell people about Jesus. And “live” the message at the same time.

It’s gonna be good!