The founding fathers of our United States of America sought the Bible for wisdom to begin our new nation.

They were not perfect, but strove to build “One nation under God.”

When I look in the mirror, I realize I am not perfect. You may not be either. I can be thankful for the events that transpired to make this great country. I live in the wealthiest country on the planet. One hundred to 150 years ago, my people dug in the ground with a hoe all day, farming by hand and mule-drawn plow. Today, I ride around in an air-conditioned chariot and try to stay off the cell phone while doing so.

I personally don’t deserve all of this. Thank you, Lord! Today, I will be thankful for the perfection and imperfections of myself, you and this country. I will choose to have an attitude of gratitude.

I will be the person that asks what I can do for my country. Right now, I am pretty sure that being a good citizen is a great place to start.

“Lord, thank you for all of the good things you have given me. Thank you for the sacrifices of so many who have purchased the freedoms I have today. Let me be a joy to govern. Bless those who govern me. Give them strength, resolve and wisdom to deal with me, a sometimes ungrateful and spoiled person. Thank you for the kindness you exhibited in the sacrifice of your only Son, Jesus Christ, that I might be redeemed. It is in His Name, that I pray, the Name above all Names, the First and the Last….the Name of the One who was lifted up so that all men and women could see him and have access to His Love, Amen.”