Reflecting on Psalm 126 and 127, I can see how that I have become diverted (like the exiles mentioned in Chapter 126) from the will of God and have truly made a mess of things.  Sometimes it seems like it was another person or a circumstance beyond my control that made the diversion even more stark.  He (God) has been patient with me as I have “fiddled around,” but also as I have lived life on its terms.  He has been faithful to bring me back to his “house,” his Holy City.

God does allow us to make our own decisions, even though he does give us “suggestions” through his Word and His Holy Spirit.  He is merciful to us and is often providing for us and making the “Way” when it seems there is no way!  We live one day at a time and smile as we look back and even see the difficult times when he was faithful to us and to our families.  For Good or Bad, for Better or Worse, He is with us (and has been with us)!

Let us be “temple-dwellers” who show the love of God to our friends and family, but also to the “technical support” person on the phone line.  Let us dwell in prayer for guidance and the indication for “the next right step!”  …..even for our Country.

Women’s Sanctuary Devotional Bible NLT, TuTone: A Place of Daily Refreshment and Renewal