After we brothersofencouragement decided on a name for this daily scripture blog (atablesetbeforeme), I just needed some validation for this project, from God.  I was at unrest.  I kept thinking:  “God, you are asking me to do something that is not of my invention, this is yours!”  ….and immediately I thought of the “Prayer of Jabez.”  This book, which teaches how to ask for personal blessings was lodged in my mind and I began searching my house.  I found it!  But as I opened it, I realized it was not the book I had marked up and read dozens of times, it was a book I had given my Mother.  The date I was searching for the book?  August 27, 2017.   The date I had given it to my Mother as a birthday gift?  August 27, 2000!  17 years earlier….exactly.  And at about the same time of the day I would have met her for supper in Grenada MS.  A divine appointment!

The Prayer of Jabez Book