I was inspired to do this daily scripture encouragement blog by one young man who was sending out encouraging Biblical texts to me and others on a daily basis.  I was inspired to pick the “table” name by an even more influential man in my life.  He said:  “I just participated in a worship service in which the table of feasting was the topic.  That is powerful imagery.”

I had originally wanted to pick some names from Psalm 23.  Here were some of the other possible blog names, based on the comforting language of the song of David:







In the end, the first young man said:  “Come here (this blog site, “atablesetbeforeme”) and get fed!  Our wish is that this “feast” is reality for you as it already is for us.  Please share this blog with like-minded people.  We believe your share will help us create a loving community of Scripture lovers….fellow temple dwellers!


the brothersofencouragement