Reflecting on the events of Genesis 3, in which Adam and Eve both ate the forbidden fruit, brings me to two quick realizations:

#1  God dealt with the issue of disobedience rather quickly.

#2  It is not documented that the two began arguing and held grudges against one another.

God dealt with the issue rather quickly.  It is not pleasant when attention rapidly comes to shortcomings, but it is, however, a gift.  Guilt can be accepted and life can move on.

The Serpent did pit Eve against her maker when he questioned her.  Disunity.  Adam did blame Eve for her “giving” him the fruit (and God for “giving” him Eve), but it is not documented that quarreling broke out between Adam and Eve.  One of the major enemies of the body of Christ is fighting within the fellowship.  It seems that the situation could have turned out far worse.  Each person, Adam and Eve could have lived with resentments toward one another, split up, and moved on alone.

I believe that God’s quick intervention facilitated personal responsibility for Adam and Eve.

Unity results when realizations, acceptance and corrections are performed quickly.