In the past months,  a zealous young Evangelist began sending daily scripture text messages of encouragement to me and others.  One scripture he sent especially appealed to me:  Luke 6:35.  In this scripture the revelation is that God is good to ungrateful people and to even ones you or I might call “bad!”

What an encouragement, that our God regards each of us so tenderly!

As I talked with him about this scripture text encouragement, he reminded me that he prayed before he sent any of these Bible verses to his friends.

Pondering his faithfulness on a daily basis, I imagined that these scriptures could not only help me but others also.  I asked if I could partner with this Brother and make these scriptures available to anyone who wishes to join with us.   He accepted.  The goal is to do 365 days of encouragement by our coordinated effort:  the “brothersofencouragement!”  Stay tuned!

Welcome and please share with others who might appreciate a kind daily word based in scripture.

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